En DJ är ingen Jukebox!

Paris Hilton has been accused of lying over an alleged brawl that broke out between her, boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, DJ Steve Angello and security staff at a Miami party last night.

The socialite's people claim techno DJ Angello's bodyguard pushed her after she requested a Madonna or Black Eyed Peas track halfway through his set, upon which her reality TV star boyfriend Doug threw a punch in defence of his girl, provoking an almighty bar brawl.

However, Johnny ikon has spoken to Steve Angello's publicist and here's what they say happened: "He politely refused Hilton’s requests but she got more and more agitated, and it escalated pretty quickly. Out of nowhere one of her security guards smacked Steve in the face. Steve is a quiet guy, but he had to act in self defence and fought back. He started pounding on the guy and it suddenly turned into a full scale fight in the DJ booth." They also point out a couple of holes in Hilton's tale - such as Steve not even having a bodyguard!!

I'll keep you posted on any developments with this story. Paris better start telling the truth!!!!

JAg dööör av skratt, detta kan vara det roligaste som hänt på länge!


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