Ikea DIY Expedit Media Center

The finished media furniture.

I wanted to get my up on the wall, without making holes in the wall.
So I came up with this idea on the cheap side.
It's pretty solid since I used a solid benchtop from the Kitchen department.

Expedit 5x1 (Which I had before I started)
Lillträsk Kitchenworkbench
Capita legs
Expedit door
SMS Flatscreen mount
Ikea Led-lights Dioder
Furniture angle braces 


Making sure the flatscreen mount is centered
The workbench is fastened with screws and furniture angle braces, through the remaining "walls" of the centerpart of the Expedit-shelf.
The two walls on either side was not mounted when I mounted the Expedit.
Wires through a hole
Some plastic cabelways to tidy things up.
Colored Led-stripes are mounted behind the TV with zipties on the flatscreen mount.
White Led-stripes are mounted on the backside of the Expedit.


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